Creation FAQ
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What is creationism?

Creationism is the belief that the earth, cosmos, and all life was created by a higher power -- namely, God. There are many types of creationists, from those that believe that the soul is spiritual, but the body isn't to fundamentalists who take every word of the Bible literally. Many techies believe that creationists are "backwards." However, all origin-of-life myths, including that of evolution, are 'true' to the people that believe in them.

God and Adam (Sistene Chapel)
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do all Creationists agree that the origin of the earth is divine?
A: Yes, but this is one of the few thingson which all creationists agree.

Q: How did earth come to be?
A: According to the Judeo-Christian tradition, God created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. (Click "origins of Earth" in the left-hand column.)

Q: Where did animals come from?
A: God made all the life on this earth, after forming the lands and the oceans. (click "God" in the left-hand column)

Q: How did humankind come about?
A: God created first Adam, then Eve, in His image. (Click "our origin" in the left-hand column.)

Q: Do creationists believe the earth is round?
A: Most do, but there are some Flat Earthers believe that the earth is flat, covered by a solid dome or firmament. Waters above the firmament were the source of Noah's flood. This belief is based on a literal reading of the Bible, such as references to the "four corners of the earth."

Q: Do creationists accept the Copernican Theory?
A: Again, most do, but there are some Geocentrics who deny that the Earth revolves around the sun, again based on a literal reading of the Bible.

Q: Are creationists crazy, backwards zealots?
A: If so, not just because they are creationists. We must remember that science cannot prove or disprove faith. Whatever a person believes in can become truth to them.