Evolution FAQ
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What is evolutionism?

Evolutionism is the belief that life evolved over vast amounts of time. Most evolutionists accept Darwin's theories and do not believe that the earth had divine origins. Evolution refers to the change in the gene pool of a population over time or descent with modification.
Evolution is also frequently used to refer to common descent, the idea that all living beings are descended from a common ancestor. Evolution as a change in the gene pool has been proven by scientific fact; the common ancestor theory is also very widespread

Charles Darwin
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all evolutionists athiests?
A: No. Many evolutionists believe in some sort of higher power or are agnostics.

Q: Isn't evolution proven by science?
A: The fact that organisms change over time is proven. Scientists are not sure, however, how the changes occur. Therefore, evolution is both fact and theory.

Q: Where did the earth come from?
A: There are many theories about the origin of Earth, including accumulation and planetesimal theories. (Click on "origin of the Earth" in the left-hand column)

Q: How did life come about?
A: Life evolved over millions of years, from the simplest one-celled creatures to complex animals and plants. It is not known for certain how life bgan, but there are theories, such as panspermia. (Click on "our origins" in the left-hand column.)

Q: How is evolution proved?
A: We can see evidence that organisms adapt over time in the fossil record. It will be difficult, if not impossible, for scientists to prove how evolution occurs.

Q: Is it possible that some higher power is controlling evolution?
A: Many evolutionists and moderate creationists believe that a higher power does play some role in the evolutionary process, but does not control it.

Q: If the "how" of evolution cannot be proven, isn't it just a myth?
A: Yes. All origin-of-the-earth stories are myths. A myth is something that is held as true to a particular group of people... by that definition, evolution certainly is a myth.